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TPS Art Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS Computing Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS DT Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS Foreign Langauge Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS Geography Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS History Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS Music Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS PE Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS PSHE&C Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS RE Curriculum 2015 & 16
TPS Science Curriculum 2015 & 16


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TPS Statement 201415


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TPS Action plan 201415

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Pupil & Family Support Workers

We have two members of staff in school who work collaboratively with school staff
and outside support agencies to improve the attendance, behaviour and well – being
of our children. You may contact Gill Mellor or Christine Pratt if you have any issues
you want to discuss.
Attendance Officer
Our Attendance Officer is Kath Reach. Her role is to act as a link between
home and school, assisting parents and pupils to gain the maximum benefit from the
education service. Her duties include checking on school attendance, child
employment and many other aspects of the educational process including statementing for SEN.
Karen Weschenfelder is willing to visit any parent in the home to discuss problems
related to attendance. She can be contacted through school or by telephone on 527133.
Transfer to Secondary Education
Information concerning arrangements for transfer from a Primary School to a
Comprehensive School is contained in an information pack, which will be published
by the Local Authority each year. This is sent to parents during the child’s final year
in primary education (Y6), as a system of parental preference, operates in the borough.
Support For Parents