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About US

Our Vision Statement

Together Promoting Success
To provide each child with skills, knowledge and experiences to become confident, independent thinkers able to make informed choices to succeed in a challenging world.

 What We Teach

The school aims to offer a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to meeting the needs of all the children. We intend that the children, when they leave our school at Y6, will be literate, numerate and able to think, reason and communicate clearly in a confident manner.
We want all children to develop their talents and abilities and be able to take full advantage of the next stage of their education.  How we achieve these aims is through our curriculum. We aim to ensure that what is taught and how it is taught will enable every child to realise their full potential and to enjoy their education.
The Education Reform Act of 1998 contained details of the introduction of a National Curriculum for all state schools. This has been amended in the years since then but from September 2000 a revised National Curriculum for 5–11 year olds has been in place. Social, moral and personal education is incorporated into all aspects and areas of the daily life of the school, as well as being taught through the subject of personal social health and citizenship education.

Tilery School Uniform

Tilery School uniform consists of:
Grey or black trousers, skirt or tunic White/gold polo shirt (school badge optional) or white long sleeved shirt Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo Year 6 pupils (only) navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo Flat black shoes or trainers Blue or yellow gingham dress for summer wear All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. Uniform items are available from Rawcliffes, Prince Regent Street, Stockton and Elizabeths Embroidery, Richardson Road, Stockton-on-Tees.
Children are also required to have PE kit for their lessons; plain yellow T-shirt and navy shorts.  They also need gym shoes, older children can wear trainers or football boots as appropriate. All P.E. s name.

Jewellery etc

The wearing of jewellery is a hazard to the safety of children in the school environment. Therefore for safety reasons jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school at any time. If children do wear watches they are the responsibility of the individual child and must be removed for all P.E., swimming and games sessions.

Personal Property

Whilst we cannot accept responsibility for personal property, we do try to ensure that there is reasonable security within school. There is a ‘Lost Property’ box in the main hall where items that have been found or left in the school buildings will be stored. Parents and children are able to look in these for items that have been lost. This is so much easier to do if all articles are clearly marked with the owner’s name. Parents are asked to make sure that this is done. Children should not bring valuables to school.  Wherever possible money should be brought to school in an envelope with the child’s name on the front, the amount enclosed and what the money is for.