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The Eco-Team is a group of dedicated Key Stage 2 pupils who attend a weekly club each Tuesday and who ensure eco-practice happens at Tilery Primary School on a daily basis.

The Eco-warriors across the school are:

  • EYFS Sophie and Kyrah
  • Y1 and 2 Harrison, Psalm and Alexis
  • Y3 and 4 Logan, Princess and Emmanuella
  • Y5 and 6 Kai and Donnie

The Eco-Warriors will help to lead assemblies to introduce any new eco-initiatives. They will also take responsibility for different year groups throughout school and will meet regularly with them to explain and monitor these new initiatives.

We work really hard trying to raise awareness of environmental issues in our school.

Each month, the Eco-Team will post on Facebook, explaining their work and projects. Why not have a look and find out more about what we do?

We have also chosen our areas that we are going to be working on this ear. they are:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Marine
  • Waste

Mrs Carter

APRIL – April River Tees and Adopt a Sea Turtle

MARCH – March_Soft Plastics

FEBRUARY –February River Tees and Green Town Centre

JANUARY –  January Donations

DECEMBER – Christmas Jumper Swap

NOVEMBER –Waste Free Lunches

As part of our work on Waste, we hosted our first Big Christmas Jumper Swap on Tuesday 28th November and lots of children went home with a new Christmas jumper. We were really proud of “saving” all these Christmas jumpers.

We have also been busy making posters, also linked to Waste. These will be displayed around school, encouraging children to help save water and turn taps off.

Next week, we will be making posters, again linked to Waste, encouraging children and teachers to switch off the lights and computers when they are not in use.

September Eco-Schools

Cut Your Carbon checklist – colour


This month, we’re getting Loud on Litter. Think about your school and the local area. Is there a lot of litter? I’ve included a litter ranking card for you to use to rank our school or local area.

10 Filthy Facts

Litter Survey Template

Litter Ranking Card